Wednesday, October 13, 2010

mark ronson - blonde hair + somebody to love me.

there are a lot of opinions on mark ronson lately. most of the internet has the impression that he's pretty much a douche bag... and he didn't earn points when he went bleach blonde. here at RWHT we say FUCK IT! the man is handsome in whatever the hell color hair he has and his new album 'record collection' is some of the catchiest music anyone's made all year. music is music here so if i like it, i'm going to blog about it.

case in point:

mark ronson and the business intl [ft. boy george, andrew wyatt] - somebody to love me

i challenge you not to have some kind of emotional breakdown during what i consider to be one of the more beautiful songs/videos of 2010 [a serious contender for my annual top 10 list]. the music, the voices, the look back to boy george at his prime - everything just comes together so magically. in case you want to watch a video with the actual performers [and trust me, you should always want to watch boy george live] here's a performance the men recently had on later... with jools holland.

and for those of us with a hair fetish: