Sunday, September 26, 2010

WANT: digby & iona

one of my best friends billi baracuda over at avideomagazine recently introduced the world to the masterpieces of digby & iona. in this video, creator aaron ruff speaks about the inspiration behind his jewelry and his brilliant design process.

as alluded to in the video, these pieces started coming out during the height of the "earth" movement a few years ago. that is exactly what i thought of when i first saw these pieces. specifically it reminded me of when indie music started shifting into a more southern sound. take jenny lewis [seen here in 2006 as part of her Rabbit Fur Coat look] for example, i totally picture her loving some of these pieces:


14 point stag ring. perfect fit?

maybe that's not where it takes you so i encourage you guys to check out the collections and let them speak their own story to you:
oval cut ring from the vestige collection.

fighting bears ring from the fight or flight collection.

stump ring from the wood collection

as you're probably catching on to, i am a ring kind of fella. the stump ring is probably my favorite just because it is so beautiful and makes me feel like i'm in some beautiful forest frolicking with bambi [before the mom gets shot].

here's a video made for the stump by Mac Premo that compliments my fondness for it.

again guys, i encourage you to check out digby & iona and buy everything for me hopefully you'll fall in love with these gorgeous pieces too.