Tuesday, June 15, 2010

brandon + robyn.

it's a pretty well known fact that one of my favorite musicians ever is Killers front man Brandon Flowers. while i don't think they've topped their debut album i do think these guys have a clear vision of who they want to be as a group. enter mr. brightside's debut single as a solo artist 'Crossfire'. let's get this clear, this isn't exactly a whole new direction for brandon as it ultimately sounds like a Killers track. however, it is an improved Killers track and one that builds up to an incredible, fiery explosion.

now ladies and gentlemen, following up on one of the best pop albums i've heard in my 24 years of existence, today Robyn releases 'Body Talk Pt 1'. basically, she's got some news for you, fembots have feelings too and she's going to show you by way of dance... literally, she's also got a tour in the works with Kelis! peace out.

uh... i'm bringing 2005 back?


Andrew said...

I think Sam's Town is much better than their debut album.

ben robot said...

i think the two albums were very different. i'm still hoping for a successful mash up of the first two albums which i think they tried to do with Day & Age.