Friday, May 7, 2010

simon curtis @ the roxy.

last night i had the chance to watch simon curtis perform live for the first time at the roxy all thanks to imusicdaily. shit was mind blowing. at least to me... the crowd was a little too modern for me. i was having a chat with a friend of mine and i came to the conclusion that the success of a show depends, now, on how many cameras/cell phones stay up during your performance. BACK TO SIMON!

sometimes i don't believe how realistic my photo shop skills are. this is truly the avatar of photography.

man, the night was such a blur. i can't remember what simon started off with or what he closed with but i found myself bopping along to every song. there was a point where a couple of jerks behind me were touching my ear and i was about to go all New York on them but i kept it classy.

favorite song he did was 'Diablo', then again it was the song that made me fall in love with him. he wore a kind of Devil/C-3PO mask (i think?) and the choreography was inspired (he did this walk/beat his dancers out of the way thing).

during 'Beat Drop' he had a sort of masquerade mask made out of legos. fucking cool.

another memorable song was his solo (no dancers/dancing) during '8Bit Heart'. i hope he felt it, it truly was HIS moment.

the whole time simon was performing there was this intensity shooting from him. he was hungry for this. he was giving it his all. however, i'm not sure if he was lip syncing through out the show but it definitely looked like he was during some songs. i don't care, i'm from the Britney generation... the hell with singing, he's a pop star! he looked good, his hair was fucking amazing (no seriously, that shit stood in place for the most part) and he was as into it as i had hoped he would be. there was no half-assing it and that's all i ever wanted. can't wait to see him again.

oh and also, I MET FRANKMUSIK!!!

i made love to this picture last night ladies and gentlemen. disgusting, human centipede love. i'd like to announce that when asked for my name, i said "ben robot". that's right. i introduced myself as ben robot. fuck the lines between reality/internet (but yes, i embarrassed myself). also, during that picture i kept shaking and i'm sure he noticed. aside from that, the man is really cool. we had a good little chat about his upcoming 2nd album (he's 2 tracks away from finishing it), his collaboration with simon curtis and his very cool shoes (which were the same ones worn in the confusion girl video). it's weird that we're the same age and i'm like in complete awe of him. truly memorable night. many thanks to  (the incredibly nice) Tom and the fellas from imusicdaily for making this happen!