Monday, May 3, 2010

ben robot's 8bit heart.

so one of the reasons i instantly fell in love with simon curtis is because we're both infatuated with the concept of robots learning to love. his album speaks to me. love love love. there's a contest going on to win a couple of tickets to his debut show at the Roxy here in LA. in order to win you must do the following:

"To win, you must be the FIRST person to TWEET a photo of YOURSELF impersonating SIMON CURTIS"

...and without further ado my friends, my low budget ghetto entry!

first off, the rules state that the pic must include simons nerd glasses and the heart. in this installment of ben robot is fucking poor, we have ben modeling old 3D glasses from the time he went to see Coraline and a rushed colored heart that he cut with a pair of nose hair scissors. in addition, my fingers look like i just got done eating a bag of hot cheetos. [also, i feel the need to tell you just how photo shopped this pic is, woah]. WISH ME LUCK!