Sunday, February 21, 2010

he went there.

konnichiwa bitches! so i'm sitting here about to write this blog after nearly inhaling eating a trailer park cheap, $5 pizza from my favorite local uh... vendor? seller of? dealer? [i'm going with dealer, makes me feel gangsta], the britney party in full swing when i reach for my cam to upload some pics from my night out in K-Town yesterday and... *THUNDER *DESTRUCTION *FIRE & BRIMSTONE my camera flat out dies. i'm not talking about battery dead, i'm talking about the bitch was dropped like a week ago and it's been acting funky ever since and it just completely jammed now. it gave out this loud vibrate-y sound (at least it might be useful in other ways?) and then just stopped, let out one last queef and died in my hands.

snookie impersonating my camera

i'd like to apologize to St. Ellen for the mess i have turned her generosity into... now i'm stuck with my old camera which has fallen many, Many, MANY times but still manages to take a decent pic. such is life amen.

so instead of the blog i was going to post, here's a pic of me wearing god knows what from fucking jcpenney (that's what i get for shopping last minute), for a school project. bleh. not my style but whatevs, i got an A. oh and in addition let me just state #teamtiger #teamkanye #teamgaga - yup, i'm rolling that way now. clip that bitch shut now!

the photo shop continues...

oh and before i forget, the bookmarking of stories i want you guys to enjoy has gone overboard, time to dump some of them on my blog for the world to enjoy! yes my dearest friends, that means it's time to...