Wednesday, January 13, 2010


it's been like forever guys! every day when i throw my shit on the floor after walking into my home i think about my poor blog and all the STD's it must have from leaving it out here on the internet alone. so i've missed writing and i actually have 6 minutes or so waste online and post about the shenanigans going on in my life! as you know, i've gone back to school (about 8 hours every day - minus weekends) and i get a lot of homework (that i usually end up having to finish up during class breaks) so by the time i get out of the zone i am more tired than tiger woods' peen (pop culture reference! who says i can't stay trashy?)

in all honesty, it's been school non-stop. except for certain moments when i escape.

robots do not die.

dictionary >> insensitive >> benrobot

and as usual, i've been collecting some interesting trash from my usual sources for your reading pleasure. MOAN BITCH!!!


i cant believe that's the only crap i've bookmarked. damn not having any time (and this time for REALZ, not the fake kind). its time for todays music video - i choose you, Calvin Harris!!! here he is with 'You Used To Hold Me'! see you guys soon! (i hope).


billi baracuda said...

I seriously am loving your blog. You've hit your stride and the format is perfect. I reading this on my phone as I render a video... Yeah I know! I'm still in that racket.

I wish you all the best with school! You got my number... Hit me up some time. ;)

ben robot said...

*blush, you are too good to me - and i will, when you least suspect it! :)