Monday, December 14, 2009

saving the pennies.

hey guys, so this past weekend was pretty tame in comparison to usual weekends around here. blame it on the weather. it rained all weekend long so i pretty much had to stay in. which was actually a pretty relaxing thing to do. i dont think there was a single point where i had anything to do, so i officially declared it lazy weekend. i did have to wake up early on saturday to let some guy my dad knows put up new wooden sliding doors in my room (the old plastic doors were ripping up) so that was a minus. picture weekend, which i officially started last weekend was put on hold because when i get lazy i turn into a sloth. yay! much news to catch up on!!!


Yeah, that's a lot of shit i've accumulated over the weekend for [me] you guys lol.  There's still a lot more that i'll link to tomorrow! Anyway, i want to end todays blog on a high note. Who better to do that than motherfucking Goldfrapp with their hit 'Ooh La La'!!!