Tuesday, December 8, 2009

kim zolciak + charlie brown.

hey pals, how the hell are you? i really hope you all got your family today and took the time to gather round the fireplace to watch Kim Zolciak's performance on Ellen (the performance can be found by one post below too). if there are no presents under the tree this year and if there is no warm meal on your tables, heck, even if there is no heating system in your home, there will ALWAYS be Kim Zolciak. god bless us all, really (sorry to those with no internet service, you're fucked). along with Ellen and the holy O, Kim Zolciak forms the last piece of my Holy Trinity. When the angels sound their trumpets to announce the end of days, it will be to these 3 goddesses that i look upon for sweet merciful guidance. anyshit, i have a special guest today! ladies and gentlemen, put your paws together for the return of CAT!!!

and this, my fellow robot army, is my home. all decorated and looking beautifully stepford. now don't point out the fact that i blurred out family pictures and that i blurred some dark spots on the carpet. my house is perfect bitch! ...and it's still not done (the tree doesn't even have the star or the ornaments or the oprah dolls). phase 2 as soon as it's done! oh and before i go on to todays news, i have to let you guys know i'm pretty much an expert in Mario Kart Wii:

first place!
[in the easiest mode]

there you have it guys, that's the exciting tuesday i had. i hope you guys are off doing what you love to do! see you studs later!


  • Dave 1 of Chromeo speaks about his last day on Earth (zombie outbreak of course)
  • Shock Til You Drop's Top 25 horror films of the decade (srsly guys, i love these lists)
  • EW's Top 10 albums of the decade (why the fuck isn't Rilo Kiley in ANY of these lists?!)
  • EW also named their Top 10 movies of the decade (um, Shaun of the Dead is missing from this list)
  • Astonishing X-Men is now on Hulu! (this is for my comic book nerds!)
  • Newsweek's best dramas ...of the decade? (whatever, i don't read when there's pictures involved)
  • This is not a test, She & Him confirm their second album, Volume Two! (omfgyay)
  • Dexter murders the competition, ratings for this past weeks episode killed! (cheeseballs -_- i know)
  • and finally, what we wait for all week here at RWHT - D-Listed's hot slut of the week! (YUM!!!)
I just finished watching A Charlie Brown Christmas y'all. I'm in the holiday spirit now - full force. Which is why I'm so proud to present to you, here only at RWHT... ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS!!! with their fantastical 'Christmas Don't Be Late'!!!


Kiwi said...

omggg i'm trying to catch up on blogs and you were ON FIRE.

fuck yes, kitteh fierce as ever!

luv uuz and miss you terribly!