Monday, December 7, 2009

nipples that can carve ice.

hey guys, first things first, it is FUCKING COLD in L.A. right now... and by cold i mean it's 52°F which means that the colder parts of the world like Iceland and Antarctica are looking at me right now and pretty much calling me a sensitive asshole (ooh mental picture!). anyway, i neglected to tell you guys about friday and the whole going out dancing thing. well, as it happens a lot in my world I got derailed from the original plans to take my britney party outdoors. other friends called me and asked if i wanted to participate in game night! we used to have game nights every friday during the summer and when it came back for everyone to get back to work/school it sort of just ended because everyone was busy. with christmas/new years break right around the corner Patty and Izzie thought it'd be cool to bring it back and i was totally in! I was this Antonie at the time and he was in too!

so off the two of us went to Target to buy a new game for us to try out. after much thought Antonie decided to buy Apples to Apples, a word game lol i was fine with it cause bitch, game night isn't complete without A-L-C-O-H-O-L!!! as if we play sober, psh. to make things short, after getting to Izzie's house we ordered some pizza and consumed massive amounts of reeses pieces. i was having a damn good time by the time the clock hit 11 pm (which is like damn early if you ask me, i usually reserve my drunkenness til after midnight) those are what those red cards are from this past weekends picture post.... and by the way, out of the like 10 rounds we played i only won once. ladies and gentlemen, like my blog proves, words and ben robot do not mix! and now, for the highlight of the week



earlier you guys got a sneak peek at my upcoming top 24 songs of the decade. because this song just missed the cut i've decided to post the video here because i still love this song. oh GOD, now I want to kick a song out of my top 24 to make room for this song. whatever!!! here's Tegan and Sara with their super song 'Hell':