Friday, December 4, 2009

in no time it'll be christmas again.

hey guys, so the past week has pretty much been dedicated to Ellen DeGeneres and I agree with you, let's move on! however, i do want to thank her on the off chance that one day she comes to my blog and, ok who am i kidding but still, THANK YOU ELLEN! this Christmas is probably going to be the most memorable for a LONG time. and now for the moving on part!

about the gifts, i used the $400 target gift card to buy myself a new Sony Cybershot [W290] 12.1 MP digital camera! it's a christmas miracle you guys, my old sony camera is slowly falling apart and i just really wanted a new one (how fucking greedy do i sound?). if only i knew what was to come. anyway, the wii is in my room now, i call it peggy sue. i spent some of the $200 staples card yesterday to buy my sister an art set because i know how much she loves to draw and color and the xbox now rests in her room. i gave the $250 cost plus card to my mom because the woman LOVES to decorate the house so I thought i'd let her go crazy with it. what's left over will go towards a present for my dad and a special surprise for my parents - their 25th wedding anniversary is in 2 weeks! i thought i was going to be broke and wouldn't able to give them anything but ellen seriously pulled through!

anyway you guys, i hope you guys are as fortunate as i was during Christmas. i do feel really guilty because i know there are so many other people out there in desperate need of basic things like water and food. so having all of this given to me has made me want to do my part to help out. i'm going to start looking into doing some volunteer work so that I can pay it forward. as for tonight, i have plans to go out dancing! like omg! i havent gone out to dance in a long time! hope my 90's moves are still hip! see you guys tomorrow!


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Ah you guys, we've reached the weekend. I'm definitely going to make the most of mine! To get you guys in a good mood I have a straight up midnight dance song. Feel free to dance in the dark to this one! With 'Solid Gold', here's The Golden Filter!