Saturday, December 12, 2009

glee: top 5 moments from 'sectionals'.

i woke up today and suddenly everything became crystal fucking clear. i need to write more about Glee. the only other show i used to recap was LOST but then shit got majorly confusing and i couldn't keep up. but Glee is one of those shows that's pretty straight foward. also, this was the winter finale which means i have until april to do the next one (if i remember - i wont). first things first, glee was fucking brilliant last night. it moved a little quickly but in all honesty that just means it was hit after hit, no filler. oh and my brain just decided that i don't want to recap, i want to list my favorite moments! my 5 favorite moments! ON WITH THE MOTHERFUCKING SHOW!!!


5] candace dystra.

this is a singing competition. i don't know how those deaf kids got in. they weren't singing, they were like honking and everyone was crying and i was like, "get off the stage you're terrible and you're making me super uncomfortable"
4] rachel figures it out/the end of emma & the football coach.

Quinn being pregnant and Emma/Football coach are my least favorite story lines on the show. While i wish the show would come back from hiatus with the whole baby thing completely retconned I know this isn't going to be the case. With that said, i LOVE that rachel figured out that Puck is the real babydaddy and then went on to tell Finn - all is fair right? Then we have THE worst storyline ever with the whole bullshit Emma/football coach (I can't even remember his name) getting married. I am SO fucking glad that's over. That is something that should only briefly be mentioned in passing when Glee comes back in April. Here's the scene:

Will: hi Emma, have you spoken to coach?
Emma: oh yeah, he was mad then got over it.
Will: oh cool, let's have babies now?

which leads into...



2] mercedes vs rachel.

i've been waiting for these two to have a sing off of epic proportions and it sorta finally happened.

round 1) Mercedes' mammoth rendition of 'And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going'.

round 2) rachel has her epic moment with "Don't Rain On My Parade".

i REALLY wish i could post the videos but I know they'd be taken down SO fast. i'm surprised these two videos are available - you can always youtube them. anyway, i love when rachel takes one for the team and let's mercedes have the ballad solo because m is so fucking mind blowing. i also love that mercedes reciprocates the gesture when the other glee club does 'and i am telling you..". if i had to choose between the two girls, in all honesty and even though 'and i am telling you' is one of my drunk karaoke signature songs, the way that rachel's scene was filmed just brought chills to my spine. she wins.

and my absolute favorite moment of 'Sectionals' was....

1] my life would suck without glee!

nevermind the fact that this scene began with the kids casually bringing back the 1st place trophy with them (omgisothoughttheyweregoingtoloseyay!!!), they suddenly broke into KELLY FUCKING CLARKSON! haha wtf?! LOVES IT!!! and on top of that they magically came up with a way to fit many of the past choreography into one single cohesive dance number! again, i wish i could post the video but trust this gif to show you how awesome it was.

and of course, the song!

there you have it! if anybody wants to chime in with their favorite moment we can totally gleek out in the comment section!!!


JC said...

I waited until i saw the winter finale to read this post. I'm glad i wasn't the only one who noticed the choreography thingie they did. and i remembered you because of that last song. though, i'm a bit sad for terri, she made me laugh... what's gonna happen now? DAMN YOU FOX, DAMN YOU

ben robot said...

we need to recreate that choreography. lets do it now! *slaps inner thighs. ugh, i cant wait for it to return.

p.s. i dont like terri but i LOVE her sister :o !!!