Monday, December 14, 2009

dexter: the getaway: OMFG.

there are not many shows on the air right now that can blow my mind away the way that 'Dexter' can. it has consistently put out some of the greatest tv seasons that not many shows can rival (LOST dropped the ball in its second season, BUFFY dropped it in it's 4th season). dexter has yet to go downhill for me and i fear that its time has come. i fear that nothing in its future can ever top last nights season finale.

epic spoilers from this point on.

i just don't even know what to say...

trinity killed Rita.

i actually had a feeling that something bad was going to happen to her a few episodes back but i never thought the writers would actually go through with it. this is INSANITY. it's bold moves like these that put Dexter on a level that not many shows can match. i officially hold Dexter amongst my favorite t.v. shows of all time (maybe third after Buffy & Lost?). oh sweet o guys, this shit has got me mind FUCKED.

the rest of the episode went down like this:
  • Trinity confronts Dexter at his place of work - tells him to disappear from his life or else.
  • Dexter follows Trinity to a parking lot where he sedates Trinity and leaves him in the back of Trinitys van.
  • Following a police mishap Dexter ends up in jail for breaking the mirror off the car of some guy while in pursuit of Trinity to mentioned parking lot.
  • Rita picks up Dexter from jail.
  • Dexter goes back to van only to discover Trinity is gone.
  • Facing danger, Dexter has Rita go away on vacation for the weekend - he'll join her after work to finally celebrate their honeymoon.
  • Debra figures out who Dexters mom really is.
  • Debra tells Dexter who his mom really is.
  • Dexter acts surprised. They still have sibling love.
  • Trinity flees town but not before stopping by his house and taking anything with value - not including his family, who he leaves behind without hesitation.
  • Dexter catches Trinity, kills him.
  • Dexter is finally free, gets home, calls Rita, hears Ritas phone ringing in the house, baby Harrison is crying in another room...
  • Dexter goes to check whats going on - finds Harrison crying on floor of bathroom in pool of blood
  • Dexter finds Ritas lifeless body in the bathtub (killed Trinity style)
  • The End.
This has changed everything guys, I am genuinely shocked. The one thing that ALWAYS grounded dexter in reality is GONE. Where does the series go from here?