Monday, November 2, 2009

welcome to november/corn syrup is still hilarious.

Oh snap! where did the year go? i really cant believe November caught up with me as fast as it did. Halloween was so much fun this year! I didn't actually think about my costume because as i said in my last post i always wait til the last minute to attempt to find a costume. this year was no different lol. I went to a couple of halloween stores to try and find a kings robe because i thought no one would be a king and i was dead wrong! they were sold out of nearly everything. so i did the next best thing. i got some leftover makeup and attempted to draw a skull on my face. let's just say i got an A for effort but failed the overall appearance because i ended up looking like this:

(five o clock shadow anyone? haha!)

anyway, this year is definitely gaining momentum as the end nears and i'm LOVING IT! you know what else i love? two words: THE. HOLIDAYS!!! i cant wait to get together with friends and family and celebrate another year together. tender moments. fuck this.

earlier this year i noticed these weird pro corn syrup commercials (i guess there were also some anti corn syrup ones too?) playing on t.v. the commercials were so awkward that i had to go online and see if they were real. they were.

easy targets. HIT IT!

p.s. props if you totally recognized Buffy's demon roommate in the first commercial.

that's totally her right?!?!