Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Have you guys ever had one of those, you know, not so fresh moments? FLUSH! You guys, tonight is Top Model's season finale!!!!!!!! Of course I'm on complete lock down and I've let everyone know ahead of time that I will not be available the night of November 18th (with the cutoff for getting in touch with me being 6 p.m.) The mighty O could be banging on my door tonight screaming for me to leggo her eggooooooooooo and I would put her ass on mute (who am I kidding, i'd be polishing that ass with my lips). Anyway, I'm so cereal about this that I decided to throw a giant Top Model finale party where the only invitation I sent out was to myself using one of my other emails (come to think of it, I haven't RSVP'd). God help Earth if I am interrupted.  The final two are:

The one on the left is Laura, a sweet country gal that I can't make any low-blow jokes about because her grandma makes her clothes. The one on the right is Nicole, she's pretty much a stoner and the girl who's obviously going to win. I mean everyone's known this from like the third episode. But in the end, my boo Tyra will be damned if this finale isn't about her and in all fairness that's how it should always be.

Wait, why the fuck am I writing about Top Model?!
because i love it.