Saturday, November 21, 2009

anderson cooper and bears.

Hey guys, not much to report on today. Last night was spent huddling in bed fighting off some bad food with some trashy online t.v. (i know) and a trashy movie (think 'Pink Flamingos', i know). I was invited out to dinner but I kindly declined in order to lay in bed like a big baby. Friday schmiday, Divine's company is the only one I will ever need in this world.

Today I did some (cheap) Christmas decoration shopping and was walking through an empty Christmas aisle when all of a sudden i found the most glorious teddy bear in the history of teddy bears:

$75. fuck that.

I actually don't have plans tonight! I am broke out of my mind this weekend so I will have to make due by enjoying the most primitive of things, an early nights sleep! ON A SATURDAY!!! Who knows though, maybe the night wont end up being a bust and I'll get up and do somethin'!


I don't know why I didn't catch this awesome video sooner (i'm always down for 80's inspired digitality!) Miami Horror presents, 'Don't Be On With Her'!