Sunday, November 22, 2009

super sonic sloth weekend, yeah!!!

The most exciting thing I did today was take a shower you guys. I continue to be in a zombie-like trance. I think it's great that I live in a country where one can go online and have a RuPaul's Drag Race/The RuPaul Show marathon while devouring chocolate/vanilla cookies and not have anyone think twice about it. God bless the queens! Other than that I'm pretty much continuing my weekend of sloth by watching the American Music Awards (who knew they were today!) tonight. Let's see what shit Lady Gaga comes up with! And in conclusion ladies and gentlemen I say to you camarooooooon!!! Also, Tammie Brown was fucking robbed! OH GOD, I'll go crawl into my cave again.

But not before I leave you guys with video of another Tammy on Rupaul's show and today's news!


  • basically, New Moon beat the living shit out of the box office (all thanks to me of course)
  • basically, Amy Winehouse doesn't want to look like Amy Winehouse anymore (titty jump!!!)
  • basically, Up should win Best Picture this year (i'm still pissed about The Dark Knight)
  • basically, I want these Star Trek shoes for absolutely no reason (no seriously, i have no reason to want them) 
  • basically, OPRAH WATCH 2009 IS GOING STRONG! Nate Berkus to get own show (Oprah tv is Love tv, give in)
  • basically, where HAVE all of tv's opening credits gone? (ask Paula Cole maybe? OH COME ON SOMEONE HAS TO GET THAT REFERENCE!)

Continuing the sloth theme I seem to be going with I've decided to post something so sloth-like that it doesn't even deserve an introduction. Just keep it on repeat all night: