Thursday, November 26, 2009

stick a fork in it charlie brown!

Hey guys, i think i've officially gained 7.2 fucking lard pounds tonight. I'm currently taking a little break from the lovely family awkwardness to thank anyone that happens to read my blog. It's been a fun non stop month and I have no plans to stop soon. Anyway, we just got done watching 'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving', an annual tradition, and now I'm winding down (can't wait for the eaters remorse to kick in, in the morning!). Speaking of morning, I have to go to bed early because I plan on waking up early to catch some of the sales going on for Black Friday. I'm hoping to get my fat greedy paws on a new digital camera! For now I leave you with today's news and I hope everyone had some good times with their loved ones [/cheese].


I've got the spirit in me tonight my babies. Allow me to relax you guys with some Jenny Lewis & Elvis Costello, here they are with their gorgeous song 'Carpetbaggers':