Monday, November 30, 2009

panic attack!

THAT'S IT! I am taking up smoking full fucking force. I am STRESSED OUT! So you guys know how I'm supposed to go to the Ellen Degeneres show this wednesday? Well turns out absolutely no one can go with me! What in the southern baptist god damn shit is this. Someone get me the thickest, blackest, most bitter cigarettes from the driest pits of hell so that I can somehow manage my nerves right now. Who in the hell says no to Ellen? I mean I know I'm currently unemployed so I don't have to worry about things like getting fired for calling in "sick" only to have my boss catch me dancing my heart out on channel 4, but still. Hell to the no! I'll go by myself, I'll show them, I'll show them all! I can totally make friends on the spot. I will find some little old woman/man to be my friend and woo them with the promise of having a 50/50 shot at getting into the audience. Then I'll come back to my fucking blog and post ALL the pictures of us waiting in line, having fun, smiling so hard! So yeah, how's your day?! :D

i was totally going to crop my face on to the old mans face and then satan called and said "dude, just no".


  • Jason Stackhouse, err, Ryan Kwanten celebrated his 33rd birthday on Sat (pics yo!)
  • The 100 Best Films of the decade (Bitch please, Shaun of the Dead should've been #1. FACT.)
  • Paranormal Activity director to follow up with movie about Area 51 (ay dios mio! aliens are mucho scary to me)
  • We're not in the batcave anymore, Robin! Click here to watch a clip from The Descent 2! (can't breathe!)
  • Damn Cartman! Boys arrested for participating in Kick A Ginger Day. (They must have had a REALLY bad case of Gingervitis)
  • PMA's best songs of the decade #75-51 (like totally omg, i LOVE most of these songs!)
  • this should have been the word of the year, not this (am i right?!)
Ah yes you guys, I am so dead tired there's only one thing I can possibly post right now. This is SUCH a high school song for me but i LOVE it. With 'Yellow' here's Coldplay (before Chris Martin became an arrogant asshole and the band became try too hards)!