Wednesday, November 25, 2009

late for a very important date!!!

Howdy partners, haven't had much time to do anything today because I've been helping clean the mansion in preparation for tomorrow's festivities. Although I hate having family over and shit because I'm not too fond of little kids running around and general awkwardness, I am thankful for having a family Ew. Am I? Yeah, I kind of am. So anyway, I still have Alice in Wonderland sitting around, unread, because I decided it's better to wait until next week when I'm in line (sleep deprived, sweaty and having hallucinations) waiting to hopefully get into the Ellen Degeneres Show. I'll be there for a long ass time guys, I bet I can read it all during my wait, I've got 2 George Washington's that can back me up. Any takers? (like omg kidding, i only have one).

I'm headed out the door right now to hang with some friends and have some (cheap) wine. So once again I have to cut things short. Here's some news y'all!


OMG! Why do I always write these blogs as I'm running out the door?! This is the first song I could think of, Franz Ferdinand with 'Ulysses'!