Friday, November 20, 2009

the glamorous life of a sloth.

Hello there : ) Last night I enjoyed some friend time at the local Applebees. Oh my gosh you guys, I had the best mashed potatoes I think I've ever had in my entire 319 years of life. I'm not usually a big fan of Applebees food because it's usually exactly what you pay for (Applebees is known for being cheap eating) but last night was certainly an exception. Thumbs up. After catching up with some friends we all decided to share a Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae, super awesome. Here's a graphic NSFW picture of the grizzly results:

So today I received my Ellen DeGeneres Show standby tickets in the mail. The tickets are for December 2nd, one of the 12 days of giveaways! Super excited. The show is extremely popular and I know not many would be a no show or cancel on the date but here's to hoping a Charlie Brown Christmas miracle happens and that my sister and me make it into the audience. Like I've stated before, I'd be more than happy to spend the show in the riff raff room (I hear they allow you to choose another date to attend with guaranteed audience seats if you end up in the RR room) but making it into the audience would be super kawaii! And because I like capturing every single event of my life (i'm my own paparazzi) i decided to take a picture of said tickets (well, envelope actually):


  • OPRAH WATCH 2009 continues. Click here to watch her announce the end of the show. (It's going to be ok, our deaths will be quick)
  • Which mediocre designer won this mediocre season of Project Runway? (like the Top Model winner, everyone called this shit 3 episodes in)
  • Throw a polar bear in the air! We now know the premiere date for the final season of LOST! (i hope it's just a season of answers, fuck the story)
  • Add a glitterbomb to that, RuPauls Drag Race is BACK!!! (it's time to LIP SYNC. FOR. YOUR. LIFE!!!)
  • The new trailer for the motion picture experience of our generation, Bitch Slap!!!
  • The decades "most important" songs foo! (time to download them all!) 
To kick start what I hope is an amazing weekend for you guys I present to you an amazing song! With their song 'Interstate' here's The Automatic! (alright, i admit it - i'm only posting this for the graphic food shots)