Wednesday, October 14, 2009

black eyed pea.

ok guys, so you know how i fucking love halloween right? well, this year i was having a lot of trouble finding some inspiration for a costume. i dont really have money to spend on something expensive so i was thinking the cheaper the better (blame it on the economy or something to that effect). i was thinking about being a ghostbuster but i wasnt as inspired as i thought i would be when i went to the local halloween store. it just wasnt what i really wanted.

the whole reason this was important was because one of my friends was having birthday party and she wanted us to dress up (yay!). so up until last week i was going to buy the ghostbuster costume and roll!... and then she came up with a bloody brilliant idea, literally! she decided she wanted a blood theme, so all we really had to do was go drenched in blood in some sort of creative way. i immediately thought of CSS' Alala music video and how they were all bloody and fucked up. it was GENIUS! originally, i had wanted burns all over me but i didnt have time to buy some crap clothes i could tear up so i decided my face would have to do (because, you know... i didnt want to ruin my clothes). i ended up looking like this right before i left (with the intention of adding more blood at the bar we were meeting at):

good enough right? i mean i could've had more scars but i underestimated how much of a pain adding the first one would be. so i decided i was just going to go to the bar parking lot and throw more blood all over my face. ladies and gentlemen, being the dumb 24 year olds my friend i are we decided to drink... a lot. so much so that all i remember was walking into the bar... then waking up to this:

maybe one day when i'm in class drifting off because the professor is going on and on about something no one in class understands, maybe then i'll remember what happened that night. i met with some friends for dinner a couple nights after and we were trying to piece the puzzle together. it seems everyone was having a merry old time and we were pretty much scattered all over the place when they heard something had happened to me. they found me with a friend outside the bar and i already had my shiner. this is totally LOST! theyre going to have to make a show out of that night with various flashbacks in order to figure out what the hell happened. so friends, that is the vague version of how i got mah black eyed pea. let us leave this blog with this picture:

let it serve as a reminder of what happens when keeping it real goes wrong!


Kiwi said...

this is so buffy. omg.