Monday, March 9, 2009

the robot word.

Alright, I fucking admit it.
I'm a huge fan of The L Word.
Suck on THAT!

I actually had no interest in watching the L word when it first began. In fact I didn't even really know about the show (lie) until one of my best friends brought the first season over one night and made me watch it with her.

Love at first lesbian.

In fact I think the sheer beauty of one miss Jennifer Schecter (played by Mia Kirschner) is what brought me on board completely.

Anyway, last night the series ended with a really open ended finale. The fact that the show wasn't tied up completely made A LOT of fans angry. Shit, a million flannel shirts were blazing last night in response. However, i'm finding myself really torn about the finale. I think it was completely appropriate. I mean sure the whole last season was built around Jenny's death and who the murderer would be, but really, you can put two and two together from last night's episode and figure that out. But then there's this other side that wants to join my fellow lesbian army and burn the carpets down! I'm not sure what I mean. I wish I was was more down with lesbianSPEAK.

I was so peeved at the reaction the fans had that I felt it necessary to go to the message boards and let out a can of ass kick juice (that wasn't right, was it). Btw, I NEVER comment on any message boards, this is seriously like my second time ever (SPOILERS):
What in the **** is everyone ****** for? Do you need the answers layed out for you? Nikki killed Jenny. It's an obvious conclusion. Nikki was hiding in the **** bushes! She gave her little "i saw how she had you all trapped" bit. Answer solved. Bette/Tina New York. Alice/Tasha together. Shane will be a cheater all her life. Kit ends up with that gentle drag queen. Helena and Dylan broke up, they obviously move on. At the end they all get out of their cars and walk across the parking lot to the police station. Ilene used this moment to recreate what I assume was the walk they do during the opening credits of every episode AND to have one last look at all the characters looking hot. Even Jenny. Ilene herself said that life is open ended. Not everything is answered. Let it be and use your imagination, something television viewers seem to not want to use when it comes to finales.
When i woke up today I realized that it could really have been any one of them that killed Jenny, including Jen herself. The world may never know, but I stand by what I said, people need to use their imaginations and like it. I could go on and on but I smell like fish and need to shower. Check out the first season of the L word if you want a recommendation. The others, although great, just weren't the same.


Kristalyn said...

Ah! I also LOVE the L Word but I'm completely behind an entire season because we don't have HBO in Canada and I always have to wait until the DVDs come out to know whats going on.

My only comment is that I HATED Jenny. I'm sorry. She just annoyed me so much. I didn't read your spoiler so I'm just gonna wait and see for myself. <3

ben robot said...

@kristalyn - haha dont worry, my friend doesnt understand why i love Jenny either.
this season definitely stood out from the others and youre either going to love or hate it for it.
let me know when you watch it!

Jase said...

I completely agree with using your imagination and thought the finale was perfect.

You know, you could of plastered your face on SHANE, but nooo you just had to have THAT hair :D