Saturday, March 14, 2009

the greens!

the title totally sounds like an illness and it probably totally is in some part of the world. totally.

yesterday a friend and I went out to the wilderness to take a walk and enjoy the sun. by wilderness i totally mean that we went to the city of San Pedro to take a walk along the park that runs for a good stretch of its coastline. i managed to take at least this one picture while i was there:

and this one:
ok pause for a minute to look at this picture of me and the... magnifier... of things through... which you see... far away... objects... (i dont know what it's called) do you notice what is wrong with it? do you notice?

let's just say things got a little hairy...
dude it was so windy! i couldn't keep my mop in place at all. at one point my friends contacts were blowing off so we had to make a run for it back to the car before the wind killed us The Happening style.

it was totally worth it if not because the sunsets are so gorgeous there. by the way, to get to the really good seats down by the water you have to take a set of stairs i like to call the climb/descent to hell:no trust me. it is literally the most painful experience of my life. it is 1000 times worse than giving birth. ok no, but still. if you make it... congratulations, you are now immortal.

somewhere along this blog i wanted to say something. what was it though? oh yes!

i love love love you!
i hope you have a very merry christmas too!


billilovesmargot said...

it looks like you're sneaking up behind walle.