Tuesday, February 10, 2009

crazy picture freak

i just want to let you all know that the title of this post is what i will be known as in the future when i open up my very own photo studio [for the record, my studio will be called 'The High Angle' because lord effin knows that's the only kind of angle i ever want used on me].


so it's been a month since my last post. i'm tempted [and if i've already said this in the past STFU. i have a bad memory. and if i've already said that in the past. STFU, btw if i've already said what i'm about to say in...SIKE!] to do a blog every day from now on. i absolutely love loving myself and going back through my old posts and being like "omg wtf?! i wrote that?! why would i tell them that diarrhea story?! ...i know. but i'd keep my blogs on the shorter side [unless like 100 million things happened in a day]. we'll see.

i was watching Fringe ((which btw is one of my favorite tv.... wait, i should say it's one of my favorite online tv shows because i'll be damned if i have to reach all the way across my room to turn the tv on (yeah, i think i ate my remote one lonely rainy night)) when all of a sudden this gloriously epic preview for the movie Watchmen came on. i have not been this excited to watch a movie since Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist [how in the hell am i comparing those two movies? stfu. bish.].

here's the trailer for Watchmen [which is NOT what i saw during Fringe, that isn't posted up yet]:

and what the hell, here's the epic trailer for Nick and Norah:

and what the hell, i'll throw in this picture i took of Nick and Norah next to the gummi bears i murde... ate. yes, ate *suspicious look*
[if something suddenly became clear to you while viewing that picture BUT you don't know what it is, and all you know is that you feel sorry for me, let me tell you what it is; i'm the kind of person that takes pictures of these kinds of things.]

[oh shit, i felt the need to capitalize AND bold that.]

...i made a video yesterday [which i had to reupload like 5 times because I couldn't get it in high quality] that mentioned gummi bears because, let's say it together, i'm the kind of person that makes a video about something as intersting as gummi bears...

i kind of ended up hating the video because i felt it was about nothing, but then i remembered mama o telling me how i'm supposed to love myself (she doesn't call it narcissism like us common folk] and i suddenly saw it's brilliance. ok no, this is the portion of this blog where i have to make it clear that i don't actually feel like that and that i don't listen to oprah [right...].

anyway, the video contains [very little] other things and if you want to wonder how you got pink eye tomorrow, here it is:

...i know.

well guys, another blog another see you all later!


Hanne said...

I woke up with an eye infection this morning. No lie.

Nina H said...

Hey check my youtube out!