Saturday, January 10, 2009

without further ado.

was that 2008 that just passed by? woah. i spent the last couple of months working my ass off to save money for a new computer. let's just say that i was working at the LAST place you'd want to work at during the Christmas season. nevertheless, here i am and ready for round 2! (or 3... or 4... or however many times i've assured you that i was back only to disappear completely)


at this point i'd like to recap the last 3 months of 2008 for you (since it was in those 3 months that I wasn't around much)

october: my computer commited suicide. i got a job. halloween didn't happen.

november: social life resumed. became alcoholic. went to rehab again. turkey was good.

december: got sick. got wall-e. got trapped in a car for 14 hours. got milk?

and there you have it. the life i lead is so interesting... (NOTE: i may have left out some details)

i spent New Years with my family, Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper (like woah). ok so at least two of those people weren't actually physically in front of me but sometimes at night when i squeeze my eyes real hard i can smell their hair. kathy and coop (only i can call him coop) and i counted down into the new year and then 3-way kissed (NOTE: this actually happened. kissing the television counts as a real kiss right?). then i helped my mom perform what can only be assumed as being some kind of wiccan ritual that consisted of spreading seeds around the house and throwing glasses of water out the front door (NOTE: no seriously, my mom was all like: "lets go perform my usual witchery". i iz willow?! ^_^)

the next day i was woken up to the horror of: "let's go to the rose parade!" no seriously, it was like RIGHT the next day... as in 5 a.m. .... as in i had just gone to bed 2 hours ago. wtf?!

i have to admit, i see it coming every year (after all i've been to like the last 6 parades) but i always assume my family will take sweet mercy on me and just let me sleep through it. usually my animal instincts kick in and i'd at least put up a verbal war (verbal war = letting satan take over my body + having me speak in tongues + lamb-children dancing around me) but this year i actually wanted to go, diarrhea be damned! (NOTE: i, Ben Robot once got diarrhea from being woken up early -

it was nice except that i had to wait an hour and a half for the parade to start... (NOTE: i, Ben Robot once got diar... nevermind). here are some pictures from the event:

[omg! are those robots in the second pic?!]

next on the list... holy crap - i dont have a next on the list... i just have more pictures...

[my icon picture from my last video]

[from my time as a model in 2006]

[cat's injury: it's currently healing]

[faux-polaroid shot]

[snow up in the mountains during the 14 hr road trip of HELL]

loves it.


Kiwi said...

loves you.

billilovesmargot said...

you were working it in 2006!