Thursday, February 28, 2008

YouTube Spotlight: NancyToday

This woman is genius...

i suggest isolating yourself from humanity and watching a marathon of NancyToday videos.

[note: i actually really do like her. a lot.]


Jase said...

She has over 200 videos and only 14 subs, wow, that's dedication. You have the love someone that passionate! Unfortunately I don't really get off on oatmeal, but I'll check out her other vids :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! I'm glad you like my vids! 'I suggest isolating yourself and watching a marathon of Nancy Today vids.'

Now there's a compliment if I ever saw one!

Anonymous said...

Jase, If vainglory was my motivation, I'd have quit long ago! I just think some people can be uplifted or inspired by some of my bizarre ideas. Also my daughter asked me to teach her everything I know how to do.

After 275,000 hits by 27,000 people, 320 people have subscribed. I also see I'm in the top ten or 20 Canadian Comedians all the time now!

So I guess someone is getting something out of them! If I can only help one person, it's all worth it!