Thursday, February 21, 2008

my weekly LOST rant

ahaha i must say, i didnt see the end of the latest episode coming til the last scene. which is when they revealed who the next of the oceanic 6 is. the thing is that i feel sort of dumb for not seeing it sooner. the show as usual was so fucking slow in its pacing. its as if i wrote the twists and turns on this season of LOST. they're all so not mind blowing as they could be. this is LOST! the stories could be so much wilder. i just wish the island had more of a background feature than the motherfucking boring endless storyline with Ben. season2-present has been about that little man doing the same things now... lame. its all lame. the story needs to take a new turn. if it were up to me, id make that crazy french lady (or where ever the hell she is from) go fucking insane and start hunting down people for no good reason. maybe the smoke monster can possess her and just go on a killing rampage and the whole rest of the season can be one giant horror movie. i just think its lame that a season worth of arch is stretching out over the whole series. lame lame lame. at this point i only care about Clare and i have a feeling its just cause she gets so little air time. shes the only one who i still want to see have some sort of bigger role in the long run. just because. all the other characters angst is fucking insanely the same already. the end. bitch.

update: i cant fucking wait for the next episode!!! :D best series ever!