Thursday, January 31, 2008

Songs From A Robot

Welcome to my first post about the music I listen to. Every time I feel like it I'll be posting the top 5 songs stuck in my circuits at the moment. If you do not recognize any of it I want to give you a big hug. How do you live? [Note: My music taste is well known to be crap. You'll see. Oh how you'll see].

5. 'Homecoming' by The Teenagers

-These guys are fantastic. I've sampled some of their new album and they mostly talk/sing on most of their songs. I'm not sure how into that I am but I know how into this song I am. The music goes extremely well with the talking the "singers" do. This song is not for all. But it's definitely for robots. I wish I was a teenager again. Emo.
4. 'Stepping Stone' by AM

- I'm a big, big fan of mellow music that hits the soul just right. Yeah, I still have the soul I stole from that human baby 22 years ago. This song couldn't be any more perfect for a rainy day. I love rainy days. They're nice. If you're a fan of mellow but not overly dramatic this is the song for you. How I stumbled upon the brilliance of this man. I'll never remember. Oh yeah, it was on MySpace! woot! Um yeah, forget about that last part.
3. 'Chemo Limo' by Regina Spektor

- Speaking of mellow, if you want to listen to a mellow-ish song that's dramatic in its story this is the song for you. I just recently stumbled upon Spektor [about 6 months ago, thats recent if you knew how many albums this girl has] and I fell in love with her lyrics. She has a way with words unlike any other artist [that I haven't found yet]. The song is a complicated sing-a-long. I still haven't learned it all, but you can blame that on my memory. Warning: the lyrics are heartbreaking. Listen to it on your own time. Alone. So you can cry. That's if you're a weepy robot like I am.
2. 'With Every Heartbeat' by Robyn

- Here in the states we don't get exposed to much of the music I enjoy. Robyn is an amazingly underrated artist with enough style to kick Pee-Wee Herman's ass. I don't know why I wrote that. He was the first person to come into my mind when I thought of style. Creepy. Anyway, this after midnight dance track is perfect for insomniacs who don't want to listen to incredibly loud music at night but still wanna get their groove on. Imagine your on a dark dancefloor and there's an army of blinking lights, one of each color, surrounding but not blinding you. This is that song. Most manly men wont get down with this jam [especially because it's a breakup song]. It's a good thing I'm neither.
1. 'Fancy Footwork' by Chromeo

- In this world, no other song has ever made me want to dance more than this damn song... and I am not a dancer. Seriously, I'm such a buzz kill I don't understand how someone like me can have friends. This song just turns me on. If I hear it on the radio I have to turn it up and get robotic all up in there. It's like an ear orgy that never ends. Except, you know, when the song ends. It's all about shaking your metal parts when you're with Chrooooo me o o o o o!

There you have it. Those are just 5 of the many songs I'm into right now. I might make another one soon. If you enjoy at least 1 of these tracks, my mission is complete.


Kiwi said...

I luuuurve "With every heartbeat". And you know I'm down with the Spektor :F
Little advice: Link the songs to videos or wherever a reader would be able to find them.

Kiwi said...

I see the changes, I love the changes! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee

How'd you do it?!